MAF Award Ceremony 2020/21

On Saturday, October 9th, we will announce the winners of the MAF Young Masters Awards. The prizes will be festively presented by an international professional jury. The ceremony is accompanied by a seminar day for and by MAF Young Masters, artists and the public.

MAF Young Masters Comeback

Ildikó Horváth was the winner of the MAF Young Masters Award in 2019, which granted her a residency at AADK Spain in 2020. In 2021, she is back at the Media Art Festival to give a short talk about her research path after her graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2019, and an account of her residency at AADK Spain.

Within her art practice, Ildikó examines the fluid relationship between physical and virtual space, with an emphasis on physical matter and its transformations. In experimental sculptures and installations, she stages traces of material processes contrasted with digital structures. Triggered by the contact of people with matter, she examines how these changes affect spatial perception.

Botteghe Digitali & Internationalisation Talk

In 2021, Media Art Friesland selected three young artists to participate in Botteghe Digitali, an international project in two stages. The first phase was a hybrid Summer School titled ‘Multimedia and Relational Arts’ with artists from various partner countries. Subsequently, the resulting artistic projects were developed in collaboration with partner companies within the 2021 In\Visible Cities Festival in Gorizia, Italy. The outcomes combine artistic and performative research with sustainable and innovative enterprises. In this talk, Lan-Hsin Tu, Hille Dussel, and Martina Dal Brollo will share their experiences in the program. 

Young Curators

In a series of short, informal talks, the TEXT ME: Young Curators will share their experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives with the MAF Young Masters. See more information about TEXT ME: Young Curators.

The Young Masters seminar day is also open to other artists, professionals, and interested public. To participate, please send an email to