CLOSING PARTY with lester blackfield

Saturday April 2nd from 20.00h

On Saturday the 2nd of April we’ll put a festive end to the festival. Come and join in and raise a toast. You’re welcome! Tonight we have a special live show of Lester Blackfield >>

Lester Blackfield – Live show ‘Animus’

“Animus” is part of a multidisciplinary project in which Lester Blackfield creates and releases multiple songs, visuals, a live video and a live show. In the project the act investigates the relation between mankind and the systems in which they exist. With each track they focus on different parts of this question, whether it be therelation to our planet, our leaders or our digital selves.

Dutch hyperpop outfit Lester Blackfield makes explosive and danceable, yet moody songs that balance between experimental avant-garde pop and more accessible indie rock. The three piece kindly welcomes you to their conceptual world, using both sonic and visual elements to complement their narrative. Within the small and picturesque town Leeuwarden, where the band formed, they soon created their own imaginative bubble and started channeling a big dystopian city at night. Weaving a world full of sci-fi robots, futuristic architecture and flashy neon signs, Lester Blackfield’s music could easily have been the soundtrack to any Ridley Scott film.