TUESDAY 3RD OF DECEMBER | 04:00pm TO 06:00pm

You might remember the ship of artist Marten Winters, made completely out of paper mache. On an early Sunday morning, it was pulled over the roof of the Blokhuispoort by the strongest man of the Netherlands, towards the Prinsentuin where it was launched in the water. Or you might remember the cassette desks of Jacco de Boer and Daan Levy that everyone in Leeuwarden received in their mailbox. Or the playful and poetic activities of Jamila Faber. They were all city artists and contributed in their own artistic ways to the cultural life in our city.

The municipality of Leeuwarden is again in search of a new city artist. The registration period has expired and a pre-selection will be made at the end of November. The three artists with the most promising and challenging ideas pitch their plans on December 3rdat the Media Art Festival venue. Come and check out who should be given the chance in the near future to leave their mark on Leeuwarden!