On Thursday the 21st of November, the Media Art Festival will kick off with the opening of the Young Masters exhibition by SYBRAND VAN HAERSMA BUMA, the new mayor of Leeuwarden. All artists are present and we have a number of surprising acts in store. Come and check it out!

LIVE PERFORMANCE ÜKKU | 08:00pm and 08:45pm
The Lithuanian Ükku captivates you with her voice and sound. Let yourself be carried away in a world of dreams and enjoy the fairy-tale and mysterious atmosphere of her music.  >>>

MARTIJN VAN BACHUM, Improvisual | 08:30pm
We often come across new, surprising artists who are working on beautiful experimental work in the shelters of Leeuwarden. One of them is Martijn van Bachum, who we are very happy to present at our opening evening with his Improvisuals. He gives a live performance at 08:30pm.  >>>

NOWAH KATER, Blaaskaken | 09:00pm and 10:00pm
Nowah Kater graduated this year with his sound installation Blaaskaken, which is presented at the Young Masters exhibition. During the opening, he will present the installation with a live performance and will overwhelm you with a true sound storm. Let yourself be blown away and enjoy his performance at 09:00pm and 10:00pm.  >>>