Voices of nature

Tuesday march 29th 20.00h


Human voices connect us with the world, including what we call nature. Different words shape, communicate, and reflect our thoughts and habits. This evening, we zoom in on these variations and ask: how do different cultures understand and name the spaces and temporalities they inhabit?

How do we identify weather and geological phenomena, or other living beings? And how are we part of a living network, through communication and through nourishment of minds and bodies? And what happens when these words are lost?

Consider that all kinds of bodies are constantly interacting and generating diverse soundscapes within and around us, these voices allow us to turn our attention to the air and liquids that transmit sound and remind us that voices have materiality, they are carried by waves.

This evening, the public is invited to consider, and listen to, the voices that shape our ecological relationships. How do we speak with and about nature and the world, and how do we listen? We speak not only in philosophical terms, but pragmatic as well, what is the land that feeds us telling us? The conversation will be led by Judith van der Elst.


Guy van Belle

Guy van Belle

Media artist and curator

Guy van Belle (1959) is a media artist and curator from the Czech Republic. After studies in literature and linguistics, philosophy and sculpture, he switched to computer music at the end of the 80’s.

His most important virtual organizations and collectives were Stellingname (1984-1989), Young Farmers Claim Future (1990-2000), dBONANZAh! (1998-2002), and finally mXHz.org and Society of Algorithm. In these projects, van Belle explored the many different forms of creativity between real and non-physical humans, including machines.

Dr. Ir. Rob van Haren

Dr. Ir. Rob van Haren

Entrepreneur and professor Hanze Hogeschool

Rob has a doctorate in theoretical biology at the VU University Amsterdam. In addition to his professorships Transition Bioeconomy and Art & Sustainability he supervises SME entrepreneurs with ‘private label innovations’ and he develops new food- and lifestyle products. Rob was previously employed as director of Kiemkracht, an alliance of Agriculture and the Innovation Network of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Georgie Brinkman

Georgie Brinkman

Artist, researcher and LUNA Young Master

Georgie Brinkman is an artist and researcher whose work treads a precarious ground between science-fiction and science-fact (and the muddy sludge in between) in order to ask what it means to be human in the age of extinction. Georgie recently graduated from MA Artistic Research at KABK, where she was supported by a scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust.