11 Other Places

December is always a dark month, but in 2020 a little darker than usual. For many of us, this month has been darker and more subdued than we are used to. That is why LUNA Collective, in collaboration with Lichtendonker and Merk Fryslân and commissioned by the province of Fryslân, provided a cultural experience and a light at the end of the tunnel. During eleven evenings, attention was drawn to special and unknown places throughout Fryslân.

With artistic lighting and enhanced by sound collages, the Christmas spirit was spread with a story that fits this time and our province. LUNA Collective and Lichtendonker sought out physical places that otherwise receive little or even negative attention: remote barns, boarded-up buildings, abandoned fields. Places that do not fit well in an otherwise homogeneous townscape. These locations symbolize those who are on the fringes of our society: the variegated birds and gray mice, which do not fit our standard expectations. That is why the focus was not on the iconic Frisian places, but on 11 Other Places. Positive attention makes everything more beautiful.

Pictures slideshow (c) Tom Meixner