Friday March 18 from 19.30h

Together with film platform New Noardic Wave, we organize Kampvuur: a place where Northern film & media makers come together to show their work and tell about their projects: what challenges do they encounter? What choices do they make? And why? Three short films will be screened tonight by makers Jeroen van de Bovenkamp, Annemarie Lindeboom and Alcaeus Spyrou, after which we chat with the makers and exchange ideas and inspirations under the guidance of host Loes Brinkman, head of education and programmer at Film in Friesland!

The Makers

Alcaeus Spyrou won the Young Masters Audience Award with his short film Anina in 2021. For this edition of LUNA, he presents Why the Mountains are Black (2021). A group of ethno-linguists meet at the foothills of Mount Çika, Albania, in an effort to document the dialect of the Greek-speaking villages of the Himara region. During the Hoxha establishment, the area was subjected to political prosecution and after the fall of Communism in Albania, Himara was marked by waves of migration. Today, its population has decreased significantly, with the remaining residents being predominantly elderly women.

Jeroen van de Bovenkamp crossed the Atlantic ocean with the sailing ship Windfall and filmed two ocean rowers who participated in a competition: by rowing across the ocean together, they wanted to raise money and create awareness about the plastic pollution in the sea.

Annemarie Lindeboom is looking for artistic ways to tell stories: Spoken Word, journalism, a good event or a thick campaign. For the film Flatliners she made the switch to a documentary for the first time, combining Spoken Word and sound.