MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 2019 | November 22th – December 8th

Time flew by, after the magic year of 2018, this year was far from empty or boring in our cultural capital. It looks like Leeuwarden knows how to keep the spirit alive. At the end of this year we are back with a colourful, diverse and challenging edition of the Media Art Festival. We bring together many young aspiring artists and the newest trends and developments in the media arts scene. We selected 15 Young Masters from five European countries. Together with our Young Masters we point in the direction of what is next and very much later, and we offer plenty of space for encounters and discourse, with many special events during the two weeks of our festival.

Many of this year’s special events and artworks revolve about the central theme ILLUSIONS. Artists, scientists and the audience are invited to experience many types of artistic illusions and to critically discuss where ‘reality’ ends and storytelling starts. In this world of information and disinformation in which media technology plays a crucial role, we want to offer a platform to those who investigate new means of communication and innovative use of technology.

Halfway through MAF, November 28th to 30th, many more international artists enter the stage. Then the LUNA Leeuwarden Urban Night Adventure shine its light on the streets of Leeuwarden. Overwhelming and breathtaking installations of light and sound art will stimulate your senses and transport you in a world full of visual illusions. All over the city centre, the work of LUNA will make you see Leeuwarden in a whole new light.

We wish you many interesting and beautiful moments and we hope that we can create some new illusions with MAF and LUNA 2019!

Team Media Art Friesland