“Polarized view” is the product of Martina dal Brollo’s research on plastic pollution. Though we hear much about this problem, actually changing our ways of producing and using plastic is a slow process. Driving this point home, the installation is entirely made up of discarded plastic, collected during “waste walks” in Groningen.
In the installation, a rotating polarization filter reveals the internal stresses of the materials (a phenomenon called photoelasticity); the resulting colors and patterns are then amplified and projected, enveloping the space. Notably, these structural “stresses” are not merely an analogy; rather, the physicality of plastic is revealed at the base of a broad environmental, economic and aesthetic problem.

Martina graduated from the Frank Mohr Institute with a Master’s degree in MADtech: Media, Art, Design and Technology. Previously, she graduated from the Fine Art Academy of Barcelona and spent a short work period in Beijing.