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Together with Media Art Festival, Campus Fryslân organizes a Science Café on ‘Data To Affect’. During this special MAF edition of the Science Café, science and art meet for exchange of knowledge, stories and fears.

Scientist dr. Karsten Schulz and artist duo Arvustin Caramdersson (Hannes Arvid Andersson and Agustín Martinez Caram) will combine their knowledge from both an art and science point of view while they discuss emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchains and interconnected societies and the illusions of control.

Karsten Schulz is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Campus Fryslân. His current research explores the links between climate action, sustainable development and the governance of emerging technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledger-based systems.

Arvustin Caramdersson
In order to investigate and explore storytelling possibilities rendered by emerging technologies, Hannes Arvid Andersson and Agustín Martinez Caram work together on an audiovisual project about the history of Blokhuispoort for LUNA. They collect, generate and engage with historical data related to the locality of Leeuwarden and the specific site of the artwork from a variety of media. Check this link for more information: www.mediaartfestival.nl/arvustin-caramdersson

Location: Media Art Festival, Snekertrekweg 1, Leeuwarden
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