How do we make artificial light greener and more sustainable?

Lighting in the outdoor area allows us to carry out activities in the evening and at night. It contributes to the perception of public space in the dark hours of the day. But lighting must also be in balance with the immediate environment: too much (artificial) light disrupts nature and our sleep.

The Light Challenge is a design competition that was first organised in 2011. It challenges new generations to come up with innovative concepts for lighting together with the business world and government. The 2021 edition ‘Glowing Nature’ focuses on innovations in sustainability, health, use of urban greenery and the local use of energy. They want to create lighting in the public space with the help of nature, technology and science whilst keeping enough space for greenery and biodiversity. The participating student teams are designing solutions for this problem.

The participating student teams come up with sustainable solutions. The teams are from 10 cities throughout the Netherlands: from Leeuwarden to Rotterdam and from Almere to Twente. You can view and judge their prototypes during LUNA Nights, in the Blokhuispoort.

The students combine lighting in public spaces with sustainable energy from (local) nature, with a different way of generating energy than we’re used to. These solutions are desperately needed, because public lighting is still a major energy consumer.

This year’s competition will be the 5th edition of the Light Challenge. Foundation Innofest guides the students in making their prototype and has linked them to LUNA Nights. By exhibiting here, the students can collect relevant feedback and improve their prototypes. The final will take place in April at the Floriade Expo 2022, where the final ideas will be presented to a large audience..