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Light Graffiti

LOCATION: GROTE HOOGSTRAAT, 07:00pm and 09:00pm 

Become a light artist! During LUNA, you’ll meet artist Ana Paunovik in the Grote Hoogstraat. Together with Ana, you can make your own light graffiti, also called luminography. With this photographic technique, you can draw and experiment with light under a very long shutter speed. From abstract lines to playful figuration or total chaos: everything is possible with a few swings of a flashlight. So get started and make the most spectacular images yourself!

The workshop takes as long as your creative energy can handle, but no longer than one hour. Participation is free. No registration is required.

Do you feel like more? Book your own workshop Luminography at anapauno@gmail.com.

Ana Paunovik is an Art & Design teacher and has been teaching film, animation and photography for years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]