Luna 2022 • Voices

We’re getting ready for the light- and media art festival LUNA with the LUNA Young Masters exhibition from March 18th – April 3rd at the Stationskwartier, the beautiful LUNA Nights from March 24th – 26th in the city centre of Leeuwarden and our enriching theme programme under the name LUNA Currents.


Last year the pandemic put the world on hold. With our 2020/21 theme Here and Now, we took the time to reflect: to dive deeper in our present and research the cracks that came to existence during the crisis.

In the transmission to a post-pandemic era, we’re still trying to grab a hold of how life has changed and how we can shape our present and future. With the focus on this challenge, our theme for 2022 is Voices. After many long and silent months of solitude and isolation, voices seem to be buzzing in the air. Vibrations seem to form under our feet. Or do they come from within us? We are surrounded by the murmering sounds of technology, the language of numbers and science, the whisperings of conspiracies, the call for change, the soft singing of nature.

With Voices we open conversations between art, science and technology with imagination, speculation and action. Do check out what our theme programme LUNA Currents | Voices will bring you, which young national aand international artists are exhibiting in this years’ LUNA Young Masters exhibition and of course what magical light art works are on display during LUNA Nights from March 24th – 26th, where artists from around the world use the city centre of Leeuwarden as a stage for their illuminating and amazing artworks.