LUNA 2021
30th of September through 2nd of October

Every night from 06:00PM – 11:00PM

Nearly a year after we were hoping to realize our LUNA Leeuwarden Urban Night Adventure, we can finally go into town for a fascinating, amazing, at times breathtaking experience of art in the beautiful city centre of Leeuwarden. After three editions, you as a visitor may be used to a surprising tour of known and unknown places – courts, alleys, basements, churches, garages AND major squares that you’ve always known but now literally see in a different light.

As early as spring 2020, we adapted this concept: no hidden place, no dark alleys, no unknown indoor or backyard sites. We made a perfectly corona-proof itinerary of spacious outdoor locations. Possibly less obscure, but we absolutely believe that our artworks are more than exciting enough to make this adventurous nightly tour worth the effort. And we can assure you: the next Leeuwarden Urban Night Adventure in February 2022 will also be held at spacious outdoor locations. Just because we want to be sure to be able to welcome you as our guests. We are sure to surprise you with exceptional art experiences and new perspectives on our urban surroundings nevertheless.

And in the end, we do all this, conform to any measures and adapt our programme, in order to be able to realize many more nightly arts adventures in the future. Sooner or later we will surprise you with absolutely unexpected routes across small, dark, unknown and absolutely surprising in- and outdoor locations again. We believe in that, and for now we most of all believe in taking are, being responsible, relying on people who took the effort to study virology in-depth and trust their judgement – just as we hope for you believing in our knowledge of and experience in finding and presenting the most thrilling works of media and light art for you. Be it an exceptional pandemic situation or not. Let there be art, let there be light.

A warm welcome to LUNA 2020/2021!