KOMPOST is a temporary, experimental sanctuary of the Popfabryk in collaboration with film platform New Noardic Wave for image makers and sound artists in or from Friesland. For each edition, two makers from the two disciplines, image and sound, are invited to work together on a composition for a week. A unique location in Friesland is the setting for each residence. The composition will be presented at the location at the end of the residency. All compositions from the past year, which – for well-known reasons – have so far not been shown or for a very limited audience, will be presented in a bundle at LUNA.

KOMPOST wants to be a booster for Frisian sound art and visual talent that does not conform to pop structures. The participants operate in an environment where the terms sound and music, sight and image are interchangeable and create a composition that questions rather than confirms. The organization does not set any substantive frameworks in advance for the composition to be made. How the location is incorporated in the composition and how the disciplines are brought together is up to the makers themselves. KOMPOST emphasizes innovation and encourages you to step outside your own comfortable framework.

Picture (c) Tom Meixner