Media Art Festival offers depth and space to play for everyone.

Throughout the year we offer workshops and introductions to media art for all levels of education. During the festival period, these are held at our main location in combination with guided tours of the MAF Young Masters Exposition. Tours can also be booked at LUNA. We tailor the tours to suit the age and interest of the students. During the rest of the year we are happy to visit you at your school. New in 2021 are guided tours with a specific focus on the technical side of all projects.

Media Art Friesland offers depth and space to play for all Educational program for primary and secondary schools. Jan Herman de Boer of our education department has developed a playful program for this edition of the festival. In this educational program plenty of experimentation is possible, making media art accessible.


When you get a message on your phone, you might hear a sound and vibration; so not only do you hear that you have a message, you also feel it. Newer phones sometimes have no buttons, yet they give you the illusion that you are pressing something by making the phone vibrate very subtly. All these vibrations in your phone are made by tiny haptic motors. Because these motors can be controlled so precisely, they are also used in gloves for virtual reality games. The subtle vibrations can mimic, for example, the feeling of water running over your hands.  In groups, students program Arduino computers to control the vibrating motors to create their own rhythm. At the end of the workshop, all groups start their rhythms at the same time, forming an orchestra together.


We offer a guided tour of our MAF Young Masters exhibition of young international media art. We also offer an engaging tour of LUNA’s evenings. These tours can be combined with each other and with the workshop. For more information email or look in the schoolcade offerings under the arts menu and the technology menu.


Other groups can of course also book tours. The two options are: – A tour of our MAF Young Masters exhibition of young international media art; – A fascinating tour of the LUNA works in the center of Leeuwarden.

Are you interested and/or do you want more information? Please send an email to