LUNA 2021
4 Р6 March 

Dear friends of LUNA,

Unfortunately the Leeuwarden Urban Night Adventure – LUNA cannot take place in 2020 because of COVID_19. But we are optimistic and have already noted the new festival dates in our agenda: 4-6 March 2021. Will you do the same?

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and announcements of the beautiful projects we are preparing!

Kind regards,
Team MAF-LUNA 2021


As part of the theme program ‘Here and Now’ of Media Art Friesland, the art installation Tubelights was on display in the glass entrance of Tresoar, Leeuwarden, in November. An interactive work of art by the Groningen artist and designer Lambert Kamps in which the audience could participate by sharing words.

Tubelights is an installation at the interface of art, architecture and design. It consists of air-pressure driven tubes that can light up in different combinations and form words of up to eight characters.

The artist and Media Art Friesland invited the public to submit words and word combinations around the theme ‘Here and Now’. What do you associate with the present time? The pandemic, polarizing politics or perhaps something personal? The submitted words could then be seen in the installation and together form a word poem about our zeitgeist.

Photo: Xanne Wijkamp

Lambert Kamps (1974) is a designer and spatial visual artist. In teams of varying composition or individually he works on projects at home and abroad. In addition to commissioned work, his focus is on the development of his own concepts, projects and products at the interface of autonomous art, design and architecture. These can be seen and experienced at exhibitions, fairs, festivals and in public space.