Welcome to Media Art Friesland!

Autumn 2020, a year that was very special so far and undoubtedly looked very different from we had ever expected. Despite all the new impressions and challenges of a changing world, the team of Media Art Friesland has worked steadily through the past months.

The Young Masters 2020 have been selected (https://www.facebook.com/MediaArtFestival/). Jildau Nijboer is working as Artist in Space. Parts of the team and a number of former Young Masters are working – online or IRL – on projects with our Italian partners, and the first LUNA artists are testing their projects in Leeuwarden.

Will we really be able to make the festival this year? We very much hope so. And do all we can to prepare a festival edition of MAF-LUNA that offers plenty of space for meetings with art, artists and the public in safe settings. The coming weeks you can follow the progress of our preparations here and on social media.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for MAF-LUNA 2020 from November 20th onwards!