December is always a dark month, but in 2020 it was even darker than normal. For many of us, this month was now more gloomy and subdued than we are used to. That is why LUNA Collective, in collaboration with Lichtendonker and Merk Fryslân and commissioned by the Province of Friesland, provided a cultural experience and a light at the end of the tunnel. During eleven evenings the attention will be drawn to special and unknown places throughout Friesland.

With artistic lighting and amplified by sound collages, the Christmas spirit was spread with a story that suits this time and our province. LUNA Collective and Lichtendonker looked for physical places that otherwise receive little or even negative attention: remote barns, carpentered buildings, deserted fields. Places that do not fit well in an otherwise homogenous village landscape. These locations symbolize those who are on the fringes of our society: the colorful birds and grey mice, which do not fit into our standard patterns of expectation. That’s why not the iconic Frisian places were central, but 11 Other Places. After all, positive attention makes everything more beautiful.

Photos by Tom Meixner


Bustling streets, hundreds of events and crowded hotels and vacation parks. It is only two years ago that Friesland was the place to be during European Capital of Culture in 2018. Also this year we went on vacation en masse in our own country. We went in search and discovered the pure beauty that the province has to offer. For 11 Andere Oorden the entrance gate of Esonstad was once transformed into a huge photo book. In the here and now, we browse through the book of the past and present.

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It is a place that feels like the end of the world. Locally, however, the village is called the beginning of the world. Adjacent to the Wadden Sea, the village of Zwarte Haan offers you nothing less than complete peace and quiet in the middle of nature. Zwarte Haan is located right in the middle of the Dutch wadden region and is one of the few places where you can still see a real starry sky in the Netherlands from the shore. A huge dike on the outskirts of the village protects us from the water. If you look closely, you can see further on that there is a lot of fishing with luminous rods.

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It is the only specimen still standing in Friesland: the old air watch tower in Oudemirdum. Cleverly hidden at the edge of the Jolderenbos forest, the air watch tower used to serve as a lookout point to signal hostile aircraft in terrible times of war. Where at the time we were wary of visible enemies, now we all flee into our homes to find safety for an invisible variant. Especially for 11 Other Places, the old air watch tower has been transformed into an apartment building as a form of warmth and security. In this way, we put the retired tower in the spotlight and use it once to provide us with lighting in difficult times.

The item about Oudemirdum by Omrop Fryslân can be viewed here.


It is no less than 13 meters high, hangs full of colorful flags and the animals walk around freely. It is perhaps Friesland’s biggest surprise. In the middle of the polders, mills and the water is the first and only Buddhist temple of the Netherlands. With only 400 inhabitants, the village of Hantum is mainly characterized by the colorful stupa.

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It is the oldest village in the Stellingwerf region and breathes authenticity through its characteristic monumental buildings. On the outskirts of Oldeberkoop stands a completely different building: the CAV. For 11 Other Places the building offers exactly what we need in dark times: shelter, recognition and love.

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The Friesians are a boulder in the feet keep dry. The 85 inhabitants of Hegebeintum know all about it. The small village is built on a mound. And not just any mound: at 8.8 meters above sea level it is the highest mound in the Netherlands and Germany. If you head towards the village in the northeast of Friesland, you may get the feeling that you are travelling back in time to the Middle Ages. This is not so strange, because Hegebeintum was built long before Christ. For 11 Andere Oorden we change the mound into a contemporary setting. Through various projections, we tell the Christmas story on the excavation of the mound. Where it almost feels biblical.

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He still stands with verve at the Kop van de Afsluitdijk. The Cornwerdermolen is located on the outskirts of the village of Cornwerd with the same name. After more than a century of service, the mill can still not be knocked out of the field. Surrounded by the IJsselmeer and the Natura 2000 area, there are large contemporary congeners in the form of windmills. Where the Afsluitdijk provides a connection between two provinces, LUNA Collective offers a connection between old and new in the form of light.

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It’s an image you might never have imagined possible. A living room in the middle of a runway? The lights of the 730 meters long runway of the airport just outside Drachten offer the viewer a dramatic but atmospheric face. The foot of the runway provides a setting for a homely atmosphere that serves as a safe haven and refuge in times of darkness.

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For most people the transformer station in Achlum resembles a sober church tower. What people don’t know is that this is the only transformer station in Friesland that is still standing. More than a century ago the building was built to provide the countryside with energy. Right next to the transformer station is an ice rink that was allowed to blow out 100 candles a few years ago. The skates will stay in the fat this winter, but the centuries-old tradition Koek en Zopie does not. A gigantic chocolate milk carton illuminates the crackling ice of the ice rink in Achlum. If you listen carefully, you can hear the crackling and crackling of the ice. If you close your eyes, you imagine yourself in former times. For 11 Other Places we’ll turn Achlum into a nostalgic and fun skating feast. Cheers!

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The village is known to many water sports enthusiasts. You will find several sailing schools and there is a large marina on the Slotermeer. We are of course talking about Balk. Loved by cyclists and sailors, the village breathes a sense of experience and relaxation. The monumental buildings emphasize this feeling even more. Not for nothing the village has the predicate ‘protected village view’. Balk is a water city and that’s why we transformed the Treemter village hall into a huge aquarium once.

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In dark times you’d better make it cozy. Never before have we stood so early in line to get a Christmas tree in the house. The 23 meter high Christmas tree in New York is perhaps the most famous and largest tree in the world. Tall trees catch a lot of wind and that’s why LUNA Collective likes to throw a scoop on top of them. Especially now that we are on the eve of Christmas. Normally, it’s the highest lookout tower in Friesland, but just before Christmas, the Bosberg tower in Appelscha is transformed once into a giant Christmas tree!

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